Presently Udumbara is lecutring the “World Dance” subject at Victorian Collage of Arts-School of Dance affliated to University of Melbourne. 

Rangana Ratnatunga – the son of renowned Stage & Tele-Drama actress, folk song artist Kala Bhooshana Nanda Ratnatunga (former Dancing Lecturer at Kalutara College of Education) and retired principal Ranwansha Ratnatunga. Rangana took oaths in 1997 as an Attorney-at-Law in Supreme Court of Sri Lanka and also obtained his Bachelor of Science (Honors) degree from the University of Peradeniya in the year 2000. Having started traditional dancing under his mother from his childhood, he received extensive training in this art from under Guru Nandana Balasooriya. He did his début dance performance (Kala Eli Mangallaya) in Kandyan Dance (Up-Country Dance Style) in 1990 and then has contributed for many dance performances in Sri Lanka. Such as National Ballet Festival, Dance Competitions…etc. After serving as Manager Human Resources & Administration role in a leading stationary and manufacturing company in Sri Lanka for nearly three years, he came to Australia in 2003 after receiving the Presidential Scholorship, to do his Postgraduate studies and while in Australia he has completed Masters degrees in Business Administration and Professional Accounting from Deakin and Victoria Universities in Melbourne. 

Udumbara Ratnatunga – the daughter of famous dramatist, director, translator and scriptwriter S. Karunaratna and the retired music teacher Anula Karunaratna. Udumbara obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors) degree in Dance from the Aesthetic Institute affiliated to the University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka. She also qualified as Visharad in Bharatha Natyam, received Diplomas in North Indian Music (Vocal) and Kathak Dance from Bhathkande Sangeeth Vidyapith Lucknow in India. She lectured in Bharatha Natyam at Performing Arts Department in University of Colombo and also a member of The Folk Song Ensemble of the Arts Council of Sri Lanka. She also has a Diploma in Ballet & Creative Dance obtained from Chalana Dance Academy in Sri Lanka. Udumbara also did her debut dance performance (Arangethram) in Bharatha Natyam (one of the Traditional Indian dance style) in 1996 and then started her own Dance Institute – “Sarasavi Arama” to teach Bharatha Natyam and other Sri Lankan traditional Dance styles to young generation in Sri Lanka. She also contributed to many dance performances in Sri Lanka as well as in international level. Then she has been awarded Presidential scholarship in 2003 to do her postgraduate studies. In Melbourne she received her Postgraduate in Choreography from Victorian College of Arts affiliated to Melbourne University. 

Rangana and Udumbara came to Australia for post-graduate studies. Shortly after arrival in Melbourne they started to teach Sri Lankan traditional dancing to children in response to requests by parents. About forty students have undergone continuous training under them over the last three years. Presently they are conducting the Traditional Sri Lankan dancing, drumming and Bharatha Natyam classes in Melbourne. 

Students of this group have performed on several occasions including Sri Lankan and Australian festivals (such as Australia Day, Begonia Festival, Commonwealth Games Promotions …etc) in Melbourne, Ballarat, Darwin, Canberra, Sydney and even in Auckland.